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Undergraduate BA FINANCE

Award Type and NFQ Level: UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (8)
Course code: FIN
CAO/PAC code: MH401
Points: 360
FETAC: Yes click here for details
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Finance is the lifeblood that fuels the economy.  The financial sector is made up of lenders and borrowers, big investors and small savers, risk lovers and risk haters, innovators and regulators.  Currencies rise and fall, stock markets boom and bust, property values soar and crash, interest rates fluctuate. All of this is supported by the intricate workings of our financial systems.
As a student of Finance you will learn how the financial system works from the perspective of the borrower and of the lender, how assets are traded, how international markets are linked, how governments try to control financial markets, and how financial markets respond.
You will learn how to use analytical tools – including mathematics, deductive logic and applied statistics – to examine problems and devise logical solutions. Students are not required to have any previous knowledge of finance, only an interest in how the financial sector and the economy works, and a desire to know more.
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