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 Recent Publications at NUI Maynooth:

  • Herdman Karen, and Carmel B. Breslin 'An electrochemical study of bulk and nanowire morphologies of electrodeposited polypyrrole' ELECTROCHEM. SOC. Transactions, 58 pp 51-58 (2014)
  • Branagan David, and Carmel B Breslin 'Non-enzymatic selective detection of glucose based on a gold nanoparticle-catbon nanotube composite' ELECTROCHEM. SOC. Transactions, 58 pp 59-65 (2014)
  • Hamilton Anita, and Carmel B. Breslin 'The incorporation of bovine serum albumin into a polypyrrole film in one simple step' ELECTROCHEM. SOC. Transactions 58 pp 1-13 (2014)
  • Osman, Y., Fealy, R. Sweeney, J 'Modelling extreme temperatures in Ireland under global warming using a hybrid peak-over-threshold & generalised Pareto distribution approach (in press)' INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GLOBAL WARMING (2014)